Daily Mantra: August 3, 2020

Stay Present

Mondays are overwhelming. Even if you don’t have a lot going on today, it’s a transition going from weekend mode to the work week mode. As with all things in life, Mondays are only temporarily and thinking about it is worse than actually experiencing it.

Let’s not think of the past. We can’t change anything that has happened in the past, so why think about it?

Let’s not think about the future. It’s not determined and we can’t control anything that will be happening.

Instead, all we really have is this moment. Pay attention to your breathe. Relax your muscles, soften the muscles around your eyes and forehead and take in this present moment. Listen to the sounds.

It is truly amazing to be here right now.

Published by Allie

I love being outdoors especially at home in Arizona, where the weather is gorgeous and perfect for outdoor activities. Being in nature restores and energizes our spirit, which is why I write about the importance of protecting wild spaces.

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