Daily Mantra: August 4, 2020

Be Fearless. Be Confident.

With this full moon cycle I have been thinking a lot lately of putting out my intentions or manifestations. For years, I have had the same goals that I seem not able to reach.

And every month, I put it out there in the universe. I remind myself to be patient and that the universe is aligning itself for our greater good. I imagine what I will feel like once I reach these goals. I write it down daily. I believe that it will happen.

Yet, this morning I woke up feeling stuck. I’ve been repeating these thoughts, actions and manifestations for years. And this morning, during my meditation it dawned on me that I am asking the universe the wrong questions.

Instead of asking it to deliver, I need to ask it for help for the emotions I hold within that are holding me back.

For my goals, I have a fear of failure and lack confidence in my ability. This is what I need to let go of.

Today, when these thoughts arise that I”m not good enough, I’ll remind myself that I am fearless and I am confident.

Published by Allie

I love being outdoors especially at home in Arizona, where the weather is gorgeous and perfect for outdoor activities. Being in nature restores and energizes our spirit, which is why I write about the importance of protecting wild spaces.

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