New Moon. New Intentions.

A Time To Set Goals

The new moon is here again. A time when the moons cycle resets itself into it’s beginning stage. This is a time to set out new intentions for the upcoming months and release it into the universe. Think deeply about what you want to occur over the next month and begin putting our ideas into actions.

Reflect, what is that you really want? What is it that you need to work on to feel more fulfilled?

Is to have more patience with yourself and with others? To be able to communicate more freely and clearly? To have more compassion with yourself and others?

What things can you work on upon yourself in order to get your desired results?

Setting our new intentions isn’t telling the universe what we want, although that is part of it. We also have to do the work.

Set some time aside today and meditate. Reflect on what you truly desire in this life and the actions you can incorporate into your life to make this happen.

You are the creator of the universe.

Published by Allie

I love being outdoors especially at home in Arizona, where the weather is gorgeous and perfect for outdoor activities. Being in nature restores and energizes our spirit, which is why I write about the importance of protecting wild spaces.

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