New Moon Ritual – January 2021

Look out world, because we are starting off 2021, on a high note! Not only will we be experiencing the first New Moon of the New Year on January 13th but this year’s New Moon will also be in the Capricorn moon cycle. “okay…that’s great…but what does that mean?” you’re probably thinking…

Well, when the moon is in Capricorn it means that our energies….mean serious business. We’re done day dreaming…and this is the time to make it happen.

Which is why this New Moon is so powerful, especially as our first New Moon of 2021. The instinct to start over and renew our goals and intentions is in the forethought of our minds, so this New Moon ritual should come pretty easy to most.

What is the New Moon?

The moons rotation around the Earth lasts 29.5 days and goes through varies phases. When the moon is directly in between the Sun and Earth it is experiencing it’s first phase, known as a New Moon. Think of it as a full moon, only in reverse. We can’t see the light reflecting off of it, because the sun light is now directly on the moon, which means from Earth….we see the dark side. Which is just another way to say….it looks literally invisible in the sky. But….it’s there. And it’s new cycle is about to begin.

Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

So as as the moon gather’s the light energy from the sun, it’s time for us here on Earth, to gather our intentions and release them into the universe.

And we do this, by having a New Moon Ritual.

New Moon Ritual

(FYI…you don’t need to follow this process exactly as I describe. Get a gist of what will work for you and make the ceremony your own. There’s no “rules” here by any means. Do what feels right for you.)

Step One – Begin to Set Your Intentions

Over the course of the next few days, go deep within yourself and truly ask yourself what you desire. What do you want? As you think of them, begin to write them down on pieces of paper or you may choose to create a moon journal to write these down in.

**Important Note**
When writing out your intentions, make sure to be as descriptive as you can and also use present tense. So for example instead of saying “I wish my anxiety would go away.” Say, “My anxiety is gone and I feel calm and relaxed.”

Step Two – Prepare

On the night of the full moon (January 13th) clean up your area. Tidy up your living space, wash the dishes, do the laundry, etc…This creates a nice cleansed area and you may also want to light some sage and clear the space of negative energies.

Once you feel comfortable and positive in your space, it’s now time to relax and meditate on our intentions. You can find a guided meditation here or feel free to do one on your own. During this meditation really feel Mother Earth’s and the moon’s energy. Connect with it. Remember we are nature, so it’s not unnatural to feel this strong connection.

Once you feel satisfied in your meditation, read your intentions out loud and with feeling. Visualize yourself accomplishing these manifestations and give gratitude.

Step Three – Let it Go

“Wait, what?! Let go, of my intentions? If I let go….then how will they manifest?!”

This might be the hardest step to wrap your head around. I know for me, it was. This is where you are going to blindly have faith…and trust the universe is going to deliver. For me, this is where the spiritual part comes into play. You have to trust.

And no, this doesn’t mean to make a wish, and sit on the couch and wait for it to happen. Sadly, that’s not the way it operates.

You have to take action. Any action that you feel is the right action towards achieving the goal. Only now, have the mindset that it’ll all work out and you are no longer worried that it won’t work. In the end, you know your actions and universe are working together to make it happen. Without the action, then you are constantly in a state of wishing….and it will remain to be just that, wishing.

Remember, not everything comes at once and patience is needed.

Step Four – Walk Away and Review Later

After you have released it out into the universe, save your intentions and put them somewhere safe. In a few, weeks take them back out and review them. Maybe you’ll find you no longer desire some of the things you had written down, maybe you’ll discover you are on the path to making it happen. Or maybe it will remind you of your intentions, if you fall off track.

As previously mentioned, there is no wrong or right way to do this ritual. Create and do what feels right for you.

You do you.

The main point of this ritual is to send out your intentions and then after some time reflect and understand what is working and let go of what isn’t working or holding you back.

Have fun with it and be as creative as you want! This is your life, make it a good one!

Also, just for some extra fun, below are some journal prompts you can use for the New Moon ritural as well.

I hope this New Moon sets you on the right path to reach your goals and desires.

Much Patience.

Much Love.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

New Moon Journal Prompts:

What do I desire most right now? What do I need?

What do I intend to manifest this month? This year?

What are the steps required to take?

What is a creative idea that has been floating in my head for a while?

How am I feeling right now?

How does the world feel around me?

What should I do with those feelings?

Is there a way I can put them to positive use?

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